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About me

I'm a young french developer graduating from a french engineering school (ENIB) with a double diploma in video game conception from a Canadian school (UQAC).

Most of my experience has been on Unity, C# and C++. I am currently trying to move from gameplay development and VR into engine programming and or network.

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Distributed MMO experiment

This project is a client authoritative event based multiplayer implementation. The idea is to keep the server load as light as possible and divide the load across multiple servers. Instead of having one big server doing all the work we have multiple servers. See the GitHub page for more details.
Warning: this is a very flawed demo made to illustrate a presentation based on a 2005 article. I haven't invented anything here and probably did a lot of things wrong.

Github repository

Arcade Car Physics

This package offers various car related scripts for arcade controls. You'll also find exemple prefabs to show how the scripts are supposed to be setup.


- 1 WheelVehicle script
- 1 suspension script
- 4 prefabs in different styles
- 1 demo scene
- experimental tire tracks

- external controls (usefull for vr)

Asset store page Github repository

Infinity Project

Infinity project is a 4 developer, 4 weeks project made during my last year at university (UQAC). This is a fully working prototype featuring procedural dungeons, multiple weapons, a boss fight and local coop with up to 4 players in the same game.

Download Github repository


This project is based on my frustration against the Input managment of Unity. It tries to bypass it as much as possible to offer a better input managment in wich you can define controls for multiple players. It isn't a final product or anything but it works well enought and allows you to have different Inputs in different scenes. You can see it in action in InfinityProject or CivilDisorder,.

In the future I'd like to add xinput support for the controllers and avoid some bugs due to unity's managment of the controllers.

Github repository


On the road was a small project for a mini ludum dare with a friend. This game features three game modes:
- Random mode: This mode generates a Random track in the style selected by the player. You can share the seed for the track with your friend to see who's the best. Sometimes the tracks can't be completed due to the track generation algorhythm only being a prototype.
- Drift mode: This mode introduces drifts and jumps to score as much point as you can in limited time
- Free roam: This mode is essentially a test world featuring various tracks made to test the cars. Some tracks require going upstairs wich can only be conpleted with some cars Github repository

Dungeon VR

Dungeon-VR is an experiment we made a school project to mix VR players and non VR players. Inspired by DnD and table top gaming Dungeon-VR hosts up to 4 players in a dungeon and one gamemaster in charge of the dungeon. The gamemaster is in charge of the traps, spells and monsters in the dungeon in order to offer a challenge to the players. The players have to survive against the waves of monsters and help each others to survive.

Github repository